About me

I work in Belper, Derbyshire in the beautiful Peak District, where I live with my partner Chris and our Spanish Mastiff Moo. When I’m not in my workshop or at my computer working, I’m usually out walking Moo, enjoying coffee and cake with friends or sewing at my machine.
I grew up making corn dollies with my Grandma, watching my Grandpa turn wood, learning to sew with Mum and helping Pa build stuff from nothing. I cherish creativity in all it’s forms.
I have a BA (hons) in Applied Art and have worked for the Countryside Service, as a secondary teacher, waitress… the list goes on.

My Inspirations

I can’t help but be inspired by my memories of growing up in Derbyshire and I explore my relationship to pattern, colour and emotional memory.


I choose to work with copper because of it’s beauty and versatility – it’s earthy and subtle. Precious metals, sparkling gem stones and bling don’t hold so much value for me.

My processes

I acid etch, stamp and hammer copper using IMG_7550different resists and techniques according to the texture and pattern I want to achieve.

I draw on a range of traditional enamelling techniques and enjoy layering and experimenting with both kiln firing and torch firing techniques.


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