Welcome to my workshop

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I first ran my business from a table in the corner of my one bedroom council flat. Yes – that means, workshop, design, admin and living space all mushed into one corner of a room. It didn’t work but it was free.

Promising? My current workshop – entrance to the right.

After throwing a slightly monumental hissy fit this afternoon about my current workshop and it’s general state of disarray resulting in my not being able to work in it while staying sane any more, I’m aware that actually I’m being an arse. I have come a very long way from that small table in my small flat and the amazing space I’m lucky enough to work in at the moment would make many makers jealous.

However, being too busy, lazy or daft to realise that I wasn’t looking after my space led to it looking like this… and when I opened the door to go to work this morning I imploded just a little bit…

My ‘main’ work space.

My desk.

Enamelling work area.

So here is my resolution:

I am going to set aside time each month to upgrade my work space.

I don’t have pots of money or bags of time and clearly I’m no expert but I am going to share my progress and any tips, ideas and avoidable cock-ups along the way.

Update 1…

After 4 hours of shifting and sorting, building and re-organising I, with some help (thank you, Chris), have managed to bring some sort of order to at least a part of my workshop. A promising start, I think. Next up? Shelves, paint and more sorting.

3 hours in – I need a cuppa. I nicked the kitchen units from the ‘kitchen’ by the workshop.

4 hours – starting to see some order returned… designated areas for enamelling, buffer/grinder, photography and heatwork.

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